AMANI Birth?

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What is Amani Birth?

Childbirth Education Program

Amani Birth is an Islamically based childbirth education and doula certification program designed to prepare professionals in a field of natural birth. Our primary goal is to teach trust in ALLAH SWT first and foremost and that birth is a form of worship. We do not provide any medical advice and services and recommend that all expectant parents seek out proper attendance for their birth. Amani Birth Certified Childbirth Educators teach the following principles:

1- ALLAH SWT is in control of all things
2- Birth is a natural life event
3- Birth is inherently safe
4- The mother's role is maximizing birth's safeguards
5- Trust in birth is trust in ALLAH SWT
6- Physiology of pregnancy
7- Physical preparation for labor/birth
8- The importance of good nutrition during pregnancy
9- Natural techniques for labor pain
10- The importance of avoiding drugs in pregnancy and labor
11- Parental resposibility starts in pregnancy 
12- Birth consumerism is an obligation of good parenting
13- Making informed decisions during pregnancy n birth
14- Self-advocacy is a right and a responsibility in birth. 
15- The birth experience matters for a lifetime
16- Empowering a woman in birth
17- Educating partners to support mother in labor
18- Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for babies
19- Thanking ALLAH SWT for the birth experience
20- Trust in ALLAH SWT's plan for our births and our lives


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