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Sbnrnya sy xpnh mengamalkan baby wearing since dari aisya lg... ntah ler knp lbh selesa pakai stroller je pastu bila dia da bleh jalan, soh jalan kaki sndiri... hehe :D yela aisya bf sat ja so mmg tak concern sgt la pasai nk pakai2 sling/carriers sgala... dahla mahal! n ada mcm2 jenis kat pasaran dgn mcm2 bentuk... dari dulu lg konfius... mana satu baby sling?baby carriers?baby porch? haih... penin mak! Tgk gaya bersling ni mcm gaya org indon pun ada tp deme pakai kain batik je kot... sy ada tgk baby apa ntah dijual dgn harga nk dkt RM500.... perghhh mengalahkan bli stroller sudeyyy... tp stroller kan limited n xsume tmpt leh bwk stroller... lgpun bawak stroller mkn space dlm kereta, berat, nk buka tutup stroller da 1hal so kt sini baby sling ni la memaenkan peranan... plus bg memudahkan proses breastfeed kt public... xdela terpaksa terhegeh2 cari nursing room ka apa... 

Sy ada survey2 sket pasai sling/carriers nehs (xtau la exactly org panggil apa kan mebi bergantung kpd jenis n bentuknya kot) sy ingat nk buat la seketol... nk beli mcm xmampu je sbb agak mahal... arituh sy ada tgk DIY Sling kt SINI yakni wat sling pakai pashmina shawl... memula nmpak cam menarek siap ada video mcm mana nk lipat2 shawl tuh leh jadi sling tanpa perlu jahit2 tp bila difikir2kan blk isau la pulak takut terungkai lilitan kain shawl tuh tergolek kang anak haku! huish... bahaya2...  sgtla xyakin sbb ada la 1statement ni nk wat sling kena fikir byk menda, material yg digunakan, jahitan sume... kalu nk jahit tgn tuh boleh tp yakin ke dgn keutuhan jahitan tgn kita tuh so better jahit pakai mesin kan? kena fikir la jgk bab2 keselamatan... so xjadi la nk buat pashmina shawl tuh... trus gugel mengenai DIY baby sling... uish sgtla byk... mcm2 jenis sling ada... n yg plg mudah adalah BABY SLING lah! haha! sng je nk jahit dia cuma masa masih blom mengizinkan... td bwk kuar kain (nk buat ni hnya memerlukan 2yards kain cotton atau apa jenis kain yg difikirkan selesa utk seorg bayi) xsmpt la nk gunting baru smpt ukur2 ada 1org assistant xbertauliah angkut sume perkakasan menjahit ummi... habes dikemas2nya jadi utk menjamin keselamatan dia better simpan je dulu... yela dlm box alat jahitan tuh ada gunting, jarum, penetas kain... kan sume tajam2 belaka... xpe at least da setel bab ukur mengukur... huhuhu...

Ok nk review sket pasai baby carriers utk perhatian diri sndiri khususnya n org len jgk yg memerlukan informasi... :)

Baby Wrap

1) Baby wrap - a baby wrap has no clasps or rings. It is a simple piece of long cloth wrapped around your body and your baby. Wrap baby carriers offer many different positions for holding your baby at various ages.

  • optimal head/neck support, essential for when baby falls asleep
  • complete back support
  • correct leg support, fabric can be stretched to the back of the knees to ensure proper sitting position
  • legs flexed and abducted (froglike position)
  • naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets, and aligns the spine
  • clings to wearers body and to the contours of the baby
  • fine tuning possible without retying in stretchy wraps
  • no pressure points on carrier or on baby
  • may have a slightly longer learning curve
  • may not be as fast to throw on
  • male partners may not be too enthusiastic about the wrapping process
  • may be difficult to keep off the ground when tying outside
  • back wearing is not safe and it is not recommended with stretchy wraps
  • woven wraps have multiple holds and positions, but fabric may dig and not be as conforming as stretchy wraps
Baby Sling

2) Baby sling - a baby sling is a piece of fabric that goes over your shoulder to form a pouch to hold your baby .

  • easy on and off
  • ideal for quick errands
  • your baby has your scent, your movement, and is close to your heart
  • can be worn in horizontal or upright position
  • spine is supported in convex position
  • provides the most discreet nursing especially if the sling has a tail
  • only goes over one shoulder, can give you lopsided feeling or exacerbate back or shoulder problems
  • fitted or custom made slings do not grow with your baby
  • may not fit your partner
  • rings can be unpleasant and have been reported to break
  • when you bend forward baby moves away from your body
  • when baby gets bigger the bottom rail of fabric is sometimes unforgiving on little hamstrings
  • no back carry
Mei Tai Baby Carrier

3) Mei Tai Baby Carrier - a mei-tai baby carrier has four straps coming off the body of the carrier, which can be tied to wear your baby on your front, back or hip.

  • it is not bulky and can fit into a smaller purse
  • simple design
  • fits infant to toddler
  • pulls baby close to you
  • front and back holds possible
  • easy to learn
  • bilateral, goes over both shoulders
  • may have no shoulder padding/usually has no waist padding which may cause digging or pinching
  • no chest strap, although some straps are long enough so you can tie your own
  • not ideal for newborns or smaller infants because of the open sides
  • usually doesn’t provide adequate head support for sleeping infants
Soft Structured Baby Carrier

4) Soft Structured Baby Carrier - these carriers are more like a backpack and are generally designed for older babies and toddlers to be worn on your body’s front, back or hip.

  • easy on, easy off
  • easy to learn
  • back and hip support
  • adjustable
  • foam in shoulders and in waistband
  • baby held close
  • proper sitting position
  • supports legs in flexed abducted (froglike) position
  • naturally aligns hips, pelvis, and spine
  • weight distribution mainly on waist and shoulders of carrier
  • shoulder straps may dig
  • may not adequately support legs of toddler
  • doesn’t provide clinging contoured support for a newborn or infant
  • nursing may not be as discreet as in a wrap or sling
Front Facing Carrier

5) Front facing carrier - these carriers are like front packs that go over the carrying individuals shoulders.  Baby’s legs are placed through leg holes.  Baby is worn facing out.

  • baby is in contact with your body
  • straps go over both shoulders
  • easy on/easy off
  • male friendly design
  • no head/neck support for sleeping infants
  • all of the baby’s weight is placed on the shoulders of the carrying individual
  • fits infants only up to fifteen pounds
  • legs are not supported at all
  • pelvis and hips are not supported
  • baby is not in a seated position, pressure at base of spine
  • weak infant abdominals and front facing position can hyperextend baby’s spine
  • pressure of every step the carrying individual takes is absorbed by compromised infant spine
  • baby’s own weight placed on spine when the natural back curves have not even developed
  • thermoregulation more difficult
  • fabric can dig into thighs of infant
  • throws off the carrying individual’s center of gravity
  • baby is fixed facing forward and cannot turn away if overstimulated
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nani pun tak pernah pakai gak dan nak cubala untuk baby yg 2nd ni...

F a i z a h ' s said...


Tuhla nani...nti kita cuba sama2 ye... sng sket nk angkut si kecik g mana2 :)

F a i z a h ' s said...


Tuhla nani...nti kita cuba sama2 ye... sng sket nk angkut si kecik g mana2 :)

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