Natural Islamic Parenting (Part 1: Natural Islamic Parenting in many things)

Bismillah wal hamdulillah...

Hari nehs da blk ke umah sndiri n anak2 alhamdulillah behave sgt2... sy smpt masak, basuh baju, sidai baju sgala... en.abg siap leh releks2 tgk muvi lg...haha! aisya tdo n amira men seorg2 dia dlm play gym... ummi lak bloggin jap...hehe :D googling some information pasai parenting... n sy terjmpa sumthing yg m'ujakan yg sy xpnh terfikir utk amik tau... teruknyalah! da jadi ibu kpd 2org anak baru nk gugel kau pasai parenting n apa yg penting adalah apa yg diajarkan oleh agama islam tercinta... sbnrnya basic natural parenting tuh yg diilhamkan oleh dunia barat adalah berpaksikan n berbasic'kan islamic parenting... rasulullah saw da ajar sbnrnya kita je yg xpasan or pandang sblh mata je dgn sume nehs... sbb tuh ada sebuah buku yg bertajuk "Tarbiyatul Aulad" yg dikarang oleh Dr.Abdullah Nasih Ulwan... Tarbiyatul Aulad bermaksud "Pendidikan Anak-Anak dalam Islam"

Byk lagi ilmu keibubapaan yg nk kena gali... huhu... 1st skali sy nk share pasai "natural islamic parenting" sbnrnya xjauh beza pun dari natural parenting yg omputih dok canang2 tuh...depa amik basic tuh dari islam pnya ajaran... buat 1istilah len konon2 depa punya kot...hehe :D tuh anggapan sy je la....

Apakah basic "Natural Islamic Parenting"??? sumber: Islamic World

1- Recognizing the majesty of the Creator Allah swt

2- Recognizing pregnancy as a sign of Allah swt power n creation

3- Recognizing Allah swt has perfectly created women's body for childbearing and nursing

4- Recognizing pregnancy as natural physical and spiritual phenomena given to woman by a Creator

5-  Exploring n utilizing midwifery and homebirth as a protection of the Muslima's modesty and as a recognition that birth is a natural process

6-  Making a commitment to a natural childbirth, free of drugs and invasive procedures by following the example of ~ Maryam in the Quran

7- Making a firm commitment to Ar Rada' (breastfeeding)

8- Recognizing that Ar Rada' is Allah's gift to children and that it is the way to feed and nurture a young infant

9- Following the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW in welcoming the newborn child

10- Circumcising male children in keeping with the characteristics of the fitrah state

11- Using the "family bed" in order to promote safe infant sleep, nightime nursing, and bonding between mother, father n baby

12- Supporting the right of the Muslim mother to stay at home to nurture and educate her young children

13- Following the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW in gently disciplining children

14- Following the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW in playing and joking with our children

15- Following the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW in showing tenderness and mercy to our children

16- Making a firm commitment to raising our children in an environment free from the toxic influences in today's culture

17- Making a commitment to ensure that our children receive the best education we give them without compromising their modesty and innocence by putting the in an Islamic environments

18- Supporting Islamic Schools and Islamic Homeschooling

19- Making a commitment to our children's health by restricting junk food and sweets and by promoting exercise

20- Teaching our children to pray by the age of seven

21- Giving our children the gift of Tajween al-quran

22- Making informed decisions about childhood vaccinations

23- Separating older boys and girls from one another so that they can remain in a state of haya' (modesty, shyness) as commanded by Allah SWT and his Messenger SAW

24- Teaching our children about the sanctity of marriage n marital relations by striving to be an upright and moral Muslim

25- Encouraging young girls to wear the hijab and cover their adornments

26- Encouraging young men to grow the beard and guard their modesty

27- Recognizing that children are an Amanah from Allah SWT born in a state of complete fitrah and that it is our duty as Muslims adults to protect, nurture and educate them so that they can grow up as a strong Muslim adults to protect, nurture and educate them so that they can grow us as strong Muslim, men and women


Rupanya dlm Islam da lengkap da pun...sume yg sy italic n underline tuh yg skrg ni tgh byk infos n tgh naek n sy mmg tgh berusaha utk capai... xpa kita usaha ja mana termampu... xdpt buat semua tp jgn tinggal semua...insya allah~



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