Israeli weapons inflict horrible damage to body and mind

Bismillah wal hamdulillah...

Untuk tatapan dan pengetahuan semua...jgnlah kita berhenti berdoa n berusaha dlm apa jua bentuk utk menunjukkan penentangan kita pada kekejaman Israel Laknatullah... Saya ada dpt emel dari kawan berkenaan dgn senjata yg digunakan oleh Israel. Bukan senjata biasa, malah senjata yg sgt2 kejam dan zalim...Meh baca sama2, n kita berdoa akn kekejaman itu segera dihentikan dan ALLAH SWT membalas kekejaman mereka. Takbir~!!! Allahuakbar~!


BABIES shot with a direct bullet to their heads, bombs which are so powerful that they send babies flying, with the fall causing fractures to the spine and paralysis.

These are just some of the types of injuries that doctors at El Arish Hospital near here are finding in patients brought to them from Gaza.

Other injuries include those from white phosphorous which burns skin and muscles to the bone; micro pellets which penetrate the skull and damage a large part of the brain, and nail bombs which require amputation of limbs.

All this has got Dr Ahmad Yahya, the 58-year-old professor of neurosurgery at the hospital, seeing red.

He was so shocked by the gravity of the injuries inflicted by the new types of weapons used by Israel in Gaza.

Dr Ahmad said the micro pellet for example, large numbers entering the body would destroy organs like the brain, lungs and abdomen.

“You can’t find the entry point because it enters by very small holes in the skin,” he said, adding that the pellets were the size of a pin’s head.

He said one could not control the bleeding because the entry could not be found and there would be bleeding all over.

“I am a professor but I have not seen or read about this before. Papers and literature on war injury don’t mention these,” he said in an interview yesterday.

Dr Ahmad said the white phosphorous used on the people in Gaza was very strange.

“It does not stop burning until it vanishes. So it eats the skin, the muscle even the bone.

“You can’t repair the wound and the limb must be amputated. You cannot find anything to repair,” he said.

Dr Ahmad spoke of nail bombs which explode on impact, sending nails flying at high speed penetrating the body.

“We had a man in his 30s with this nail cutting into his leg and entering his testicles and penis and out the other side. He lost his penis,” he said.

He was so horrified by the injuries that he has been taking photos of the injuries on his mobile phone as evidence and documentation.

“I want to send it to any lawyer to take action against the killers who are killing civilised people.

“They are not soldiers. They are civilians. They have no arms, no anti-aircraft weaponry. They have only guns and hand-made rockets. What can that do?” he said.

Dr Ahmad admitted that seeing the injuries makes him cry.

“I cry a lot. I am ashamed to cry in front of my students. I have doctors here who are my students and I am supposed to be a professor and I must be strong,” he said.

He added that the Arab world was deeply affected by this but the people could not change it.

“But in the future we will take our account from this. People will not forget this,” he said.

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